006 – Control

In line with my budget aspirations, I have been trying to make a control panel for the wire in tube point control. I acquired some switches from eBay, and using some offcuts of wood, a smattering of glue, some screws and some 0.8mm piano wire, I made the item below.

I’m not sure if this will work long term, however it was fun making it, and taught me a few things in the process.

We move on.

005 – Decisions Made

I have now decided on a final layout, that shouldn’t have too many changes.

It still has a shunting puzzle section, and with a fine selection of isolating sections, will allow a few shunters to potter about on the layout.

We move on.

004 – Real World Fiddling

With the cork laid and dry, despite having designs in mind, I had a play with several different options, to see what seemed to work in the limited space, with the track I had available.

I also acquired a controller with dual controls, and accessories feed, so should be interesting to use.

Boxes were used to simulate buildings as I got closer to what I wanted.

We move on.

003 – The Baseboard

I said earlier I am no joiner, and with this in mind I managed to obtain a table from Freecycle to use as a baseboard. It is sturdy, and a reasonable size of approximately 1200 x 750mm.

After securing some foam backed cork panels, I liberally applied PVA glue to the tabletop, and stuck the cork down, giving me a smooth surface to work on, with enough depth to be able to put wire in tube point control in.

We move on.

002 – Initial Designs

I had to make a decision on how to start, and the first place would be a baseboard.

My woodworking skills as you will see as this blog progresses are not really up to the standard to make a safe, secure and stable baseboard, so I looked at alternatives.

As budget is a big concern with this project, so after a search on Freecycle, I found a suitable item to start with, a table, sized approximately 1200 x 750 mm.

I wanted some operational interest, as well as something good to look at, and decided a shunting puzzle type layout would be a good start, a variation on the classic Inglenook.

This set the size of the world I am creating, and the ideas started as shown below.

We move on.

001 – The Beginning

I am a frustrated modeler, who after a change of circumstances has decided to finally make a model railway.

I have no previous experience, and will be sharing my journey.

I am going for an Inglenook type layout, with an adjoining abandoned station for added scenic interest.

Below are the first design ideas I am finally happy with.

We move on.